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ABGUS aims at empowering the women of Rural India

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ABGUS Empowering Women by Disseminating Awareness & Bridging the Gaps

New Delhi (India), February 19: In an era where almost every day we read news of some or other women achieving the incredible feat in India, there is still a section of women left devoid of executing their fundamental rights due to lack of awareness. There have been initiatives by NGO’s who have been working on different facets, one being from Akhil Bhartiya Gramin Uthan Samiti (ABGUS),whohas been working round the clock along with RUDRA-Foundation in scanning the underdeveloped regions and addressing the fundamental issue of the importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene.

ABGUS has taken various initiatives for developing & changing the condition of girls’ children & women in rural areas. ABGUS & RUDRA-Foundation’s social services range from issues of girl child education menstrual health to their active participation in decision-making. ABGUS conducted a series of training programs for Menstruation Health Hygiene within its “Health & Sanitation”. During the sessions, the NGO stresses how women have to work through mood swings and cramps during those special days of the month. The parents & other caregivers are also kept aware of general precautions & measures along with tips that are extremely important for women’s hygiene. 

Looking at the growth of the awareness program, Mr. Rajesh Verma, Founder, Akhil Bhartiya Gramin Uthan Samiti, said, “The awareness sessions are mostly organized by the female volunteers of the NGO. They handle the entire process from planning to on-field execution of programs, events, or campaigns. When these little girls & women of the rural see fellow females working for social change, it triggers a positive response. Our main aim is to create an environment where they don’t have to depend on the society to improve their health, hygiene & living conditions”.

ABGUS’s initiatives are also spread in the field of quality education. Today the ABGUS & RUDRA-Foundation have impacted the lives of more than 163,000 underprivileged students by reducing the dropout rates and increasing the school retentions in the rural section by 95%. Not only this, the ABGUS & Foundation have been continuously working towards water conservation & waste-water management for more than 3 decades. The NGOs deed is scattered across the subjects of girl child development & several other awareness programs.

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