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TMA and Titan CBG enter their second year of digital collaboration

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24 September 2022: After completing a successful year with Titan Corporate Business Group, The Marcom Avenue, a 360-degree marketing and communication agency, entered into the second year of digital collaboration.

The Marcom Avenue is a data-driven integrated marketing and communications agency with 5 years of industry expertise that helps a variety of brands create engaging experiences.

The specialization is in creating real value: leads, revenue, loyalty, or capitalization— the performance metric. 

Titan Corporate Business Group is Titan’s fastest-growing B2B business segment, offering an extensive array of products and creative gifting ideas with a wide range of customized solutions for everyone in the business.

The Marcom Avenue and Titan Corporate Business Group formed a strategic collaboration in May 2021, when the marketing firm was awarded the mandate of integral marketing to attain online & offline growth.

The Marcom Avenue received this mandate to develop and grow Titan CBG’s digital presence with the use of SEO, performance marketing, Social Media and the creation of digital assets and in the last one year, the agency has not just achieved the said targets but also has been instrumental in increasing revenue growth exponentially in FY 21-22.

Sanjay Narula, Head of Corporate Sales, Titan Company Ltd, said:

“Titan Corporate Business Group is a successful B2B business. The aim was to keep Titan CBG ahead in the business at the start of the second Covid Wave, which presented the requirement of growth strategy and a growth partner. The Marcom Avenue shares our enthusiasm and motivation for our work. They understood thoroughly and intensively about Titan Corporate Business Group, our vision, values, business goals and how we can utilise digital to develop even further.”

 Talking about the achievement, Divanshi Gupta, Founder, The Marcom Avenue, said:

“Titan is a brand I’ve known, used, and admired since I was a child. Working for Titan Corporate Business Group, an independent & home-grown brand, is an exciting opportunity. I am happy with the work our team has done to generate results and accomplishments that have laid a solid platform for us to build on in the coming year. TMA is all set and committed to further strengthening Titan CBG’s Digital growth and doubling its digital revenue in FY 22-23.”

Titan Company Limited (“Titan”), a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO), commenced its operations in 1987 under the name Titan Watches Limited. In 1994, Titan diversified into Jewellery (Tanishq) and subsequently into Eyewear. Over the last three decades, Titan has expanded into underpenetrated markets and created lifestyle brands across different product categories including fragrances (SKINN), accessories and Indian dress wear (Taneira). Titan is widely known for transforming the watch and jewellery industry in India and for shaping India’s retail market by pioneering experiential retail.  Titan recorded a standalone income of around INR 27,200 crore for the year ended 31st March 2022.

TMA helps in business transformation with the power of research insights, creating work that cuts through the clutter and connects the target customers.

If you have any objection to this press release content, kindly contact to notify us. We will respond and rectify the situation in the next 24 hours.

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