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Vaibhav Veda Green Ventures & Dr. Shilpa Samanvai Foundation’s launched website and logo

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Vaibhav Veda Green Ventures & Dr. Shilpa Samanvai Foundation’s launched website and logo

Kolkata, West Bengal India, December 14: Vaibhav Veda Green Ventures & Dr. Shilpa Samanvai Foundation launched their website and logo in presence of many noble personalities, who have made a mark in society through their contributions in various fields.

Vaibhav Veda Green Ventures Private Limited is a consortium of a group of companies with eight independent ventures constituting Real Estate, Infrastructure, Education & Training, Financial Advisory, Legal Advisory, IT Solutions, Interiors, Media Advertisement & Branding, spearheaded by Dr. M Naveen Kumar and Dr. Shilpa H Naveen. The company was founded in the year 2021, with a clear focus to build and develop Real Estate for Education.

The founder and director of this venture, Dr. Naveen is a well-recognized personality in the field of Automotive Industry to Corporate liaisons. His Skills & Business acumen are well appreciated in social networking and various platforms. He is a popular personality in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, Media and in the field of Public Speaking, he has delivered talks on more than 100 platforms. Dr. Naveen is the author of 2 books in Kannada, he is also the recipient of many awards from different organizations and institutions.

“Health is true wealth in one’s life, Dr. Shilpa Samanvai Foundation shall focus on building free diagnostic centers and independent health care centers to attend during emergencies in rural areas from the foundation. The Vaibhav Veda Green Ventures will venture into our Foundation, which shall focus mainly on building strong footprints in the domain of education and skill development training as its focused areas, along with corporate real estate and its other ventures.” Says Dr. Shilpa, the Chairperson and Managing Trustee of the Dr. Shilpa Samanvai Foundation. 

Dr. Shilpa H Naveen is the Executive Director of Vaibhav Veda Green Ventures Private Limited. She is an Economist by profession, a scholar, and a most inspiring speaker and social entrepreneur. She has been graced with numerous awards to date for her contributions to the field of Women Empowerment and Sericulture. Most prestigious awards have been awarded in various categories in recent times. Dr. Shilpa H Naveen has always intended to contribute & empower, support, and help the deserving in building focused projects in the field of Education and Healthcare.

“Vaibhav Veda Green Ventures is entirely focused on working to be independent and with a new model of allowing to grow independently without any hassles of setting up big office space and having skilled employee strength. The company is headed by two independent directors, with a cloud-based model to execute projects in the field of Real Estate, Construction & Interiors, Infra projects, IT solutions, Financial services, Legal services, Corporate Real Estate & Schools, all these ventures are independent and corporate of their own. Veda Green Ventures will grow very strong in the near days with its focused mantra of capitalizing its vision and mission of contacts, communication, and commitment.” Said Dr. Naveen, the Founder Director of Vaibhav Veda Green Ventures.

For more information call 9945235259 or mail

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