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Deepak Singh: doing things for a bigger cause

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September 29: Doing Things For A Bigger Cause

Do you know why all the producers/directors in the film industry are developing movies which nobody asked for? Well, the answer is to generate money and nothing else.

But today, we are going to talk about one such director in the Bollywood film industry who creates a movie to make people’s stories reach more people. Today we are going to talk about renowned filmmaker and producer Dr Deepak Singh.

Want to know why Dr Deepak Singh is a unique filmmaker? Make sure to read his complete story in this post.

His Uniqueness

If you guys have watched this 2018 Hindi movie “Soorma”, then you must know Dr Deepak Singh. He is also the owner of Galaxy entertainment and initially created the Soorma movie, which was an Indian biographical sports drama on the real-life story of hockey player Sandeep Singh.

Dr Deepak loves to learn about exceptional stories through which they can learn something, and that is also a major way in which Dr Deepak chooses stories for his new movies.

If Deepak thinks that the audience can learn something from someone’s story or they should know about the story of a person, then they create a movie based on their story.

Currently, Dr Deepak Singh is working on his new project named “Bravo Yadav”, which is the biopic of Yogendra Singh Yadav, the Kargil hero. Bollywood actress Chitrangda Singh also joined Deepak as the producer of this movie.

Honorary Captain Yogendra Singh Yadav is now a retired commissioned officer in the Indian Army; during the Kargil War at Tiger Hill post, he shot 17 bullets and two grenades. Also, Yogendra Singh is India’s youngest Paramveer Chakra recipient.

Other Works

Most people are aware of Dr Deepak’s work in Bollywood, but they don’t know that Deepak Singh has also produced the Hollywood movie “Tiger” with Sir Mickey Rourke and Janel Parish.

Along with that, Deepak also produced the film “The Bad President”, based on the life of Sir Donald Trump.

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